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Meet Melissa

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I'm a clinical psychologist who is passionate about helping people to understand themselves and find ways to experience more fulfilling and meaningful lives. I value warmth and empathy in my approach to therapy and strive to understand the individual difficulties and circumstances of each person I work with. I recognise that everyone comes to therapy with a unique story and life history that has shaped them. My aim is to make sense of those stories in a way that helps you to feel understood, and to understand yourself and others so that you can manage the difficulties you experience more effectively.

My experience

I have worked in a range of different capacities in the mental health field for over 15 years which has helped me to understand what causes mental health problems and the types of strategies and approaches that can help people to feel better.

​I've undergone extensive training in trauma focused approaches and use EMDR and experiential strategies to help people process and heal from experiences that have negatively impacted them.


I've maintained a private practice for many years and find the therapeutic relationship and the experience of change that can unfold for people to be powerful and meaningful.

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